Our “future is irrepressibly bright!”

What a way to kick off 2016! We have a great review of our upcoming EP Calamity! from Anthem Review

From the review:

“Short, but packed full of spirit and promise, ‘Calamity!’ Is an EP that serves as the precursor to a whole new era of music for Rainy Day Crush, and if they can keep the music as honest and heartfelt as these three tracks, then they’re sure to become one of 2016’s biggest talents.”

Read the full review here.


Next level: achieved!

A while back, we were invited to participate on The Indie Authority. We asked fans to vote, and they did! We made it to the next round! We’ll be on their show again this Wednesday, December 2, at 9pm Eastern (8pm for those of us in the Midwest).

Thanks everyone for voting, and tune in on Wednesday!

Don’t forget: we have a show coming up in Racine on December 11 at McAuliffe’s Pub (Gerogetown, NOT on the Square). It’s a great benefit to raise supplies for local folks less fortunate. Bring a blanket, or a package of socks, or something along those lines in lieu of a cover charge, and hear some great music! It’s a two night event with PLENTY of fantastic music (including our pals in The Katie Todd Band). See you there!

New music coming soon!

We just got out of an amazing studio session, and are hard at work putting the finishing touches on a couple songs before we send everything off for mixing. We cannot tell you how excited we are to get this music to you… Very soon, we will be unleashing our 5 song EP on the world!

At the moment, we’re thinking of calling the EP “Songs Written on a Couch in the Lobby of a Badass Old Theater.” It’s got a certain ring to it, eh?

band couch 2 megs

Take care, and see you soon!