2018 is here!

Hello, friends!

It’s been a while. We’ve been laying low, working on some other things, getting our shit together. Don’t worry–it’s all positive! We got to move into a new practice spot, and we’re working on some new music and shows for 2018. So stay tuned, friends!

It’s easy to develop a crush…

…on Rainy Day Crush. At least that’s what Dan Pavelich of the Kenosha News says! Can’t say we disagree. Thank you so much for the kind words!

Some highlights from the article:

“The songs are catchy as all get out, and the arrangements are punchy, getting right to the point.”

“…driving energy filled with nifty guitar work…”

“…drummer Mike Wynn appears to be the band’s very own jet engine.”

“Specht is a clever keyboard player, adding the perfect amount of seasoning to this power-pop stew…”

“Rainy Day Crush is easily one of our best local bands, and I’m looking forward to hearing more.”

Thank you, Kenosha News! And don’t worry–we have more coming soon!


Our new Rainy Day Crush shirts just came in! We could show you what they look like, but what fun would that be? We will be debuting our fine new apparel at our show at Fusion this Saturday, April 15. Hope to see you there!


Rainy Day Crush is now a three piece band. We’ve got Mike Wynn Jr. on drums, Derek Schattl playing the bass, and Matt Specht is the singer/pianist/guitarist. Our first show with this lineup will be Saturday, April 15, at Kenosha Fusion.

We’ve also been working really hard on new music that we will be releasing into the wild very shortly. That’s right, folks, you will soon have NEW MUSIC from RAINY DAY CRUSH! We’re so excited about it, we can hardly see straight!

As if a new lineup and new music weren’t enough, we will of course be booking more shows. For some of these shows (including the upcoming Fusion show), we’ll be inviting various musician friends of ours up on stage with us to join for a set. This is going to be a fun new chapter in the Rainy Day Crush saga!

There’s a ton more to share, but we can’t give it all away at once. Check back soon and often, and don’t forget to wash behind your ears.

See you soon!