The Sound

Rainy Day Crush are here to crush your rainy days!

Too catchy to be "indie," too honest to be "pop." What sets them apart is the songwriting, the singing, and the live shows. Most bands can do one or two really well... Rainy Day Crush can do all three.

The History

Rainy Day Crush started out as The Other Side in the mid-to-late 90s. After one album, countless shows in the bars and back alleys of southeast Wisconsin/northeast Illinois, and encouraging regional success, they focused the lineup and became Rainy Day Crush in 2002.
RDC quickly signed with Skywater Records out of Minneapolis, MN, released their debut LP “Free to Go," and headed out onto the road. They played everywhere they could: Milwaukee’s Summerfest, PrideFest, and Bastille Days, Chicago’s MobFest, Austin’s GoGirlsMusic Fest, Cincinnati’s Chicks Rock Fest, and a headlining spot at Cincinnati’s MidPoint Music Festival; they toured the Midwest and Northeast, playing everywhere from New York, Boston, and Washington DC to Texas, Oklahoma, Minneapolis, and all points in between. (Ask nice, and they may even tell you about the “Great Ice Storm Crash of ‘04...”) RDC was named the Wisconsin Area Music Industry’s Best Rock/Alternative Band of the Year, and former lead singer Betsy Ade was named the Wisconsin Area Music Industry’s Female Vocalist of the Year. The album’s hit single "Room to Rage" was the most requested song on Eau Claire, WI radio station 109FM "The Wolf" through the winter of ’03/’04.
Internal tension split Rainy Day Crush apart in 2004. After a reunion show in 2012, the band realized they had something special. There's a saying in martial arts: Get knocked down seven times, get back up eight. You can’t keep a good thing down! They are back, and excited to share their music!

The Here & Now

Rainy Day Crush just released an EP titled Calamity! to a slew of wonderful reviews, and are working on a full-length follow-up project. Look for them on the festival circuit in the Midwest over the summer of 2016.

See you on the road!

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Matt Specht

guitar, piano, backing vox, songwriting

Matt paints, binds books, publishes poems, and can be seen in local theater productions from time to time.

Matt totally believes in Bigfoot.

Patricia O'Keefe

lead vox

Patty once filibustered the government and caused an internet shutdown. The two incidents may or may not be related.

Derek Schattl


Derek first picked up the bass in high school, and over the years has performed in a wide variety of musical acts from blues to heavy metal. He also enjoys playing guitar, drums, and the ukulele.

Derek may have been involved in a close encounter of the third kind.

Mike Wynn, Jr.

drums, percussion, backing vox

Mike has been playing music for 25 years. His roots are in rock, jazz, gospel, and R&B.

Mike once spent a year living among the chupacabra.

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